All strategic decision will eventually be reflected in financial indicators. Following is selection of strategic decisions impacting ownership structure and/or projected financial results. GRUBISIC & Partners can help you in evaluation of strategic options based on relevant data, analysis and assessment (more details about each of the options can be found in section describing detailed scope of services).

Selected areas of assessment of strategic options:
  • Entrance of strategic or financial investor in company's ownership structure
  • Sale of a company
  • Acquisition of other businesses
  • Choosing financing structure (debt vs equity)
  • Debt restructuring / refinancing
  • Merging companies from the same group into a single legal entity or spinning off part of existing business into separate legal entity
  • Transfer of ownership between related companies and/or private individuals
  • Treatment of non-operating assets
  • Investments in production or distribution facilities including enlargement or change in product and service portfolio
  • Modelling and simulation of different scenarios of business development with quantified effects on company's projected income statement, balance sheet and cash flow