Financial Restructuring

Detailed Financial Analysis and Active Help in Implementation of Measures Aimed at Improving Cash Flow and Debt Restructuring

Detailed Financial Analysis and Forecast of Future Performance

  • Activity, liquidity, operating and financial leverage, return on invested capital
  • Profitability on product level
  • Historical net working capital, long term assets and CAPEX
  • Operating, investing, financing and free cash flow
  • Forecast of sales revenue and EBITDA
  • Forecast of investment in net working capital and long term assets
  • Forecast of debt and interest cost
  • Forecast of free cash flow and cash gap (determining a need for external financing)
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis

Identification of Measures for Improving Cash Flow

  • Determining optimal product mix based on analysis of actual profitability and assessment of future perspective
  • Identification of measures and areas for optimization of operating expenses
  • Determining ways of more efficient utilization and treatment of non-operating assets
  • Defining measures for improvement of working capital management
  • Help in evaluation of profitability of investment projects
  • Creating list of concrete action points and responsibilities on individual level and assistance in implementation

Restructuring of Existing (Credit) Liabilities

  • Presentation of detailed plan to financial institutions with elaboration of major assumptions and explanation of internally undertaken measures aimed at adjusting to new conditions
  • Break down of concrete proposals to financial institutions or other creditors with the purpose of:
    • Refinancing of existing loans / leases
    • Adjustment in maturity schedules of existing debt
    • Adjustment in interest rates
    • Obtaining a grace period
    • Entering into sale and lease back arrangement
    • Replacement of existing creditor with a new one or raising additional debt
  • Update and modification of financial model and business plan according to creditors’ requirements as part of the negotiating process